What's Good For The Goose May Not Be For The Gosling

There’s way too many articles, eBooks and forum posts dispensing bodybuilding tips as ifNew Bodybuilding by Ellington Darden that will just apply to everybody. The consumer of the information, YOU should realize nobody can give a personal, case by case basis by posting fact after fact.
What works for ALL of us, may be the worst situation based on somebody’s personal life, circumstances and situation.
“Facts are facts – but people are individuals, and their problems are usually individual in nature. The perfect solution to one case may be (and frequently will be) the worst possible approach to the situation in another case; in effect, while the same methods will work in ALL cases – the application of those methods MUST BE on an individual basis.”
-Arthur Jones
What Arthur Jones referred to was the basis for the necessity of personal training.
I’ve run across an excellent book by Ellington Daren, Ph.D called The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results. It’s based on the Arthur Jones theories on HIT. Worth reading if you aren’t familiar with this or if you like the concept of Arthur Jones Revisited.

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