My Video Review of the Fusion Mixer

Fusion Mixer

When I received this thing called the Fusion Mixer, I’d never owned an automatic protein shaker cup.  Never had the need really and probably still do not but it was nice to be able to quickly mix up a drink intra-workout or after.


  • easily mixed protein
  • not too bulky
  • smooth mixing action


  • uses 2 AA batteries
  • battery cover easily comes off
  • mixer ultimately broke down

After 4 months of use, this just stopped working.  At that point, I’d lost the battery cover but it still worked.  What I believe happened was mixing up protein and other “sticky” substances without quickly rinsing it out, caused build-up around the mixer.  It started to stick.
Eventually, no amount of cleaning made it work again and it seemed like the gears were slipping as well.
Fancy fitness gadget that was cool but not hardcore enough to last 1/100 of a regular shaker bottle.  For all intents and purposes, it’s just easier to bring in shaker bottle with some type of mixing ball that will do the same and never break down.
10 out of 10 for coolness but 2 out of 10 for longevity.
Update – Try the LaCuisine Tornado Portable Mixer or the Fit & Fresh CleanTek Power Mixer Pro.
Be Fit, Stay Strong!
Marc David – CPT

2 Replies to “My Video Review of the Fusion Mixer”

    1. Unfortunately this thing eventually stopped working. I did a quick search and was not able to locate it. Not sure it ever really made it to the United States. I think this was a German company but I am not sure. It did a great job of mixing up my protein between sets, with minimal noise and no clumps. No way it would handle any solid objects though (added fruit, etc). Nice but I use a Blender bottle now with a little mixing ball. The protein I use mixes well so I’m grit free.

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