Top 6 Muscle Building Tips

Muscle Building Tips the Top 6 by guest author and Metabolic Masterpiece author, Scott Tousignant.
Are you struggling to gain muscle? Feel like you are busting your butt with nothing to show for it? I sympathize with your frustrations. As a former hardgainer who thought he had tried everything, I can relate to disappointment that burdens you when the promise of massive muscle gain yields little to no results. I won’t guarantee that you will gain 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of muscle by applying the advice below… but I can guarantee that applying these 6 Muscle Building Tips with consistency will finally break your free from the hardgainer label once and for all, just as it did for me.

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Muscle Building Tip #1: Incorporate a Variety of Rep Ranges Into Each Workout

A common mistake among bodybuilders is to spend 4-8 weeks focusing on strength training in the 3-5 rep range, then move onto 4-12 weeks of hypertrophy training in the 8-12 rep range. There is no doubt that this can be effective, but if you want to maximize your muscle building potential you need to utilize every rep range within each workout.
When you incorporate both strength training and hypertrophy training within each workout they feed off each other. Strength training hit’s your muscles on a neurological level, which increases your ability to recruit more muscle fibers. It gives your muscles a more dense and “harder” look. Hypertrophy training hits your muscles on more of a metabolic and cellular level, increasing the size of the muscle, which is temporarily visible during and immediately after the workout as a result of the ‘Pump’. The more permanent and long term gain in muscle size is a result of your body adapting to hypertrophy training, increasing the size and numbers of your muscle filaments.
Research has shown that your body adapts to rep ranges faster than it will adapt to exercises, which means that it’s important to vary your rep range more frequently than it is to vary the exercises that you use. Don’t be afraid to mix in some high reps in the 15-25 range either. I know many bodybuilders who experienced rapid growth when they began to mix in some high rep leg presses into their training.

Muscle Building Tip #2: Train With Adequate Volume

The media and blogosphere have filled the heads of young trainees with a fear of over-training. I’m going to go against the grain and tell you to test those limits. For far too long I heeded that advice with nothing to show for it. As soon as the clock struck 60 minutes I would run like hell out of the gym for fear that my testosterone would rapidly drop and my body would immediately go into a catabolic state and start eating away at my precious muscle.
It wasn’t until I took a stand and tested my limits that I realized that my body required a higher volume of training. More sets and more exercises were necessary to ignite muscle growth and transform my physique. 60-75 minutes should be sufficient time to crush an amazing workout. What I have discovered with myself and with my clients is that the extra 15 minutes is where I bring out the fine details of my physique.

Muscle Building Tip #3: Incorporate a Variety of Training Protocol

The best method for incorporating a variety of rep ranges and adequate volume to your workout is to include a variety of training protocol into each training session. Straightsets are great for the strength exercises, supersets are great for both strength and hypertrophy, and dropsets are great for tapping into the deep muscle fibers that are often neglected and untouched. Mixing in 8 sets of 8, Pyramids, Trisets, Giantsets, and other training protocol will stimulate your muscles in unique ways, forcing them to adapt and grow.

Muscle Building Tip #4: Train with Focused Intensity

Intensity isn’t necessarily about training so hard that you feel like puking. It’s about giving each and every rep 100% of your focus and attention. Making each rep count as if it’s the one that will lead to your ultimate goal.
This kind of focused intensity is the difference between mindlessly going through the motions and hoping for success… Or completely embracing the moment, soaking it all in, enjoying the process, and expecting success!
Every rep has a purpose. Pour your heart and soul into every inch of the movement.

Muscle Building Tip #5: Get Adequate Sleep

Consistently experiencing 8-9 hours of quality sleep everyday can play a key role in your muscle building journey. It provides your body with the opportunity to recover and rebuild, it reduces your stress, and it contributes to greater energy and mental clarity during your workout.

Muscle Building Tip #6: Supplementation

Supplementation is exactly what it’s defined as… a means of supplementing an already stellar nutrition plan. You should never place all of your hopes and dreams of building a lean and muscular physique on supplements alone. But some key supplements do have to potential to enhance your results.
Creatine is one of those supplements that has proven time and time again to improve strength and recovery. It can also make your muscles appear fuller. Consuming 5 grams of creatine once or twice per day is both safe and effective.
Fish oil is another outstanding supplement that carries both health and muscle building benefits. It can aid in recover and improve your strength.
Protein powders are more of a convenience thing… and for some, it’s a way of ensuring that their muscles receive an adequate amount of protein as quickly as possible post workout, so they can begin to recover and rebuild immediately.
So there you have it! The 6 Muscle Building Tips that have taken me from hardgainer status to experiencing Maximum Muscle Stimulation and building an impressive physique.
You could easily take this information and run with it, by designing a workout program on your own. Or you could take a much easier route, eliminating all the guesswork, and follow a strategically designed program that uses the above protocol and has been proven to work over and over again.
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  1. This post is well written and informative. I don’t comment often, but it doesn’t cost me anything to say it when it’s true. Cheers.

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