That's NOT Revolutionary!

Seriously… can that word even be used next to “bodybuilding” without laughing hysterically?

  • Occlusion Training now called Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Sets to Failure now called Neurological Overload Sets

What in bodybuilding today is truly revolutionary? Think about it for a moment. For the sake of argument, let’s just agree that Creatine was the last revolutionary thing to hit the bodybuilding market. Well documented, over 300 peer reviewed research studies. (If you didn’t count supplements, I can’t think of anything recently that would classify!)
That was some time ago.
Since then, nothing has truly been revolutionary.
Not HIIT, not high volume, not supersets, not one set to failure, not body weight exercises, not rest-pause, not instinctive training, not tri-sets, bi-sets and giant sets. Or drop sets. You get my point.. all good stuff though.
Today we have “fitness experts” that describe an exercise in vast detail and slap their names on the movements. You’d think at first glance, they invented this exercise!
In fact, many of the unusual exercises today are just from the 1950’s.
Ever heard of a “Bench Press to the Neck?”
Not new. Vince Gironda documented that one back in 1950 something.
How about in using dumbbells for the bench, you turn your palms inward?
Nope. Vince again.
My intent of this blog is to point out stuff that works from the fitness experts of the past and the modified stuff we find today with more modern modifications that work from what we’ve learned to get the BEST possible combination in which to choose from.
It would be a shame to lose the history of the great bodybuilders who forged this path and gave us some really fantastic exercises and philosophies when it comes to bodybuilding.
If at all possible, I always quote or mention where I got it. I’d sure like to be revolutionary but in all honestly, I’ll just point out what works, where you can find the best information and I hope you’ll keep me honest.
After 20 years of natural bodybuilding, I know a thing or two. Experience does count for something.
Revolutionary… it still makes me giggle. 🙂
Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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  1. you make a great point. It seems that most of the fitness blogs that I visit lately are talking about stuff that was done in the past and they’re bringing it back into the light. Makes me wonder what the next ‘revolutionary’ thing could be in this sport…

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