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"Following Marc's program, I've gone from 235 lbs to 221 lbs in the first 17 days!"

Blake MengottoYears ago, I was in the marines and was very fit. I ran an 8 minute mile. I was a member of a gym. I lifted weights regularly. Then my professional career took off and I started to put on the pounds. I had a terrible diet. I didn’t eat breakfast, I had a high intake of caffeinated beverages (very little water), ate over-processed foods, and was headed for a very unhealthy lifestyle. I went from 167 lbs up to 235 lbs over the course of four years.

I think the breaking point was after having my daughter. I decided I HAD to get back into shape. I tried Atkins and Weight Watchers and lost some weight, but always gained it back (and more) when the diet ended. I bought a home gym, worked out for a month, then stopped. I tried to run, but pain in one of my legs (because of my excess weight) caused me to quit again.

Then a co-worker recommended Marc’s website to me and I downloaded Marc’s e-book, “NoBull Bodybuilding.” After reading your book, I changed my diet and joined a gym.

Following your simple program, I have gone from 235 lbs to 221 lbs in the first 17 days! That’s 14 lbs lost in 2 1/2 weeks! I know they say you should lose only 1 to 2 lbs a week, but I attribute the loss of my weight to a major overhaul in my lifestyle. I feel so much better, I have more energy, and now, I actually look forward to my gym visits. My face looks a thinner, my clothes fit better, and people have asked me if I have lost weight.

I am now looking forward to reaching my first major goal of 200 lbs by October. When I get down to my long term goal of 155 lbs, I plan to follow your methods for putting on muscle bulk, but for now my goal is to lose weight and get fit.

Thanks to your book, and all the other resources included in it, I know I can accomplish these goals. The book is a road map to my success and following it I know I can make a lifestyle change that will help me to stay in shape and possibly extend my longevity.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful book.


Blake Mengotto, Rodeo, CA


"My name is Nick, I live in the UK and just wanted to say thanks for providing a great training resource. I especially love the podcasts and find them very informative/educational and also inspirational.

Your advice and that of your guests has helped me shed 24 pounds and get down to 10 % bodyfat.
Nick Montgomery

"It’s a Lot Easier to Read This Book Than to Waste a Year or Two Learning the Hard Way.”

I have read the book and really like it. I have been lifting for about 3 years now. I really wish I would have found this book 3 years ago. It lays every thing out nice and neat. It is well written and was an enjoyable read. The book confirmed a lot of things that I already knew and I picked up several tips and web links that have helped immensely.

Thanks for the book and for opening the doors to other e-books and resources. It doesn’t matter what “plan” or training principles you use. The most important thing you can do (besides eating, training and recovery) is to educate yourself. It’s a lot easier to read this book than to waste a year or two learning the hard way.

Thanks again,


"You Have Saved Me Valuable Time and Money."


I have a very hectic life working full-time at a radio station, owning my own business, and working part time in auto mechanics. I needed a resource to help me achieve the body I want and yet fit my schedule. I didn’t have time to read multiple books, do the research, go to the gym, and still have time for my family. What’s ironic is that I was willing to do the work and learn all about my professional life, but when it came to my “health and fitness” I felt I didn’t need to dedicate the time (backwards thinking, that’s for sure.)

That is where your book has come in. You have saved me valuable time and money. You have done all the work and made it easy to understand. I knew very little about the “proper” way to bodybuilding and fitness. Now I feel I have the knowledge to make wise choices about my health. I am not wasting time with exercises and foods that just don’t work. I can see and feel the difference in my energy level and overall attitude.

In closing “Thank you” for writing a book that has impacted me in such a positive way.

God bless you,

Jen Crawford

"I Was a Real Beginner at the Age of 58, It Was About Time That I Began."

I’m still on the beginner’s workout suggested by Marc. Varying the daily varying of exercises for differing body areas ( combined with cardio before-and-after exercises ) is a good program. I’ve increased my equipment weight levels a little. I learned from Marc that that body building is a long term process and that diet and strength training must go hand in hand. I can see a little better abdominal form now. My shoulders, chest and arms have developed a little. I was a real beginner and, at the age of 58, it was about time that I began. Marc’s information on body building for individuals over forty came in handy.

Thanks to Marc I’m using creatine daily, but I’m glad that I learned about useless supplements from Marc and that you need a proper combination of diet and exercise over a long term period to make real progress. The email course contained valuable daily ideas too. I’d already bought the book but the emails reinforced its ideas. The links and suggestions for other resources that the emails contained were useful as well.

John Earl

"I Have Broken a Bench Press Plateau and Hit an All Time Best of 275 lbs X 6 With a One Time MAX of 319 lbs."

Even though I have only been on your program for just over 2 months, your advice has already produced incredible gains for me. Using your training recommendations, I have broken a bench press plateau and hit an all time best of 275 lbs X 6 with a one time MAX of 319 lbs. (breaking my old max of 265 lbs). 8 years ago I had a heart attack and double bypass and have been struggling to come back ever since. After almost 7 years of fruitless effort, I decided to get smart about my body and my goals. Your information and all of the great resources and links you provided have finally given me an approach that works.

Joe Brown Mosul, Iraq

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