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Strength Training Anatomy
Strength Training Anatomy
Illustrated Guide to Muscles at Work
Strength Training Anatomy  by Frederic Delavier is my go-to guide to the Best Exercises for Each Muscle Group.  If you are designing or currently have access to some strength training workouts and wonder if deadlifts are back or leg exercise? What are the exercises for biceps? What muscle do squats work? Are pull-ups really effective for working my back?  All those muscle anatomy questions will be answered in full detail with very unique and articulate photos.
There is no better physical resource on bodybuilding anatomy then a book called:
Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier
Every single bodybuilder should have Strength Training Anatomy in his or her reach. Not only will you see the single best strength training exercises for a muscle group but you’ll get colorful details on each particular muscle worked along with clear, step by step instructions on how to do the movement. This is something you can take with you to the gym if you don’t have web access and want to know how you are supossed to do an exercise as described in some strength training workouts you may be using.
strength training anatomy
Strength Training Anatomy is roughly 124 pages, it is not huge and it’s not a complex book explaining everything about bodybuilding and nutrition. In fact, this is more of a visual basic muscle anatomy book pertaining to just muscles worked to their respective exercises.
I have never seen a better book pertaining to weight lifting anatomy in all my years and it’s a classic that will never be out of style unless our bodies change in some futuristic way. As a reference, Strength Training Anatomy is invaluable. You could grab this at Borders Books or Barnes and Noble but the Amazon prices appear to be better.
Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier
Marc David – CPT

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for (beats dragging out Gray’s Anatomy and guessing the bodybuilding applications)

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