Poll: Why are kids fat?

Why are kids fat?
The other day I overheard two people at my gym talking about why they think kids today are fatter than 20 years ago.
I think it’s a bit more complicated than pointing to more access to a soda.  But what do you think?
Why are kids fat?

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I’d like know your thoughts on the issue.
Makes it even more important to raise fit children!
Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

7 Replies to “Poll: Why are kids fat?”

  1. 1. additives in meats and milk
    2. lack of parks, bike-riding areas for kids to play (at least in my area)
    3. parents not good role models
    4. processed food / junk food has lots of glossy advertising

  2. I agree. The FDA sold us out for profit. They( FDA) make more money on the sick than the healthy. Food and sickness is a business. It’s all about the $

  3. I think their are many reasons for this.
    The explosion and availability of junk/fast food. Aggressive advertising.
    When I was a kid a trip to Mcdonalds was a treat not a way of life.
    Two parents working in most homes, less home cooked meals.
    Kids being less active, more electronic devices to keep them busy.
    Schools being wishy washy about nutrition and exercise.

  4. I believe it’s a number of things that have contributed to obesity in children. Aside from nutrition being worse that 20 years ago, notice how many households opt for prepared meals or “ready in 10 minutes’ kind of meals. Many people have forgotten or choose not to prepare food as we remember because people today are pressed for time. Also consider that with all of the processed and packaged foods that children are given as soon as they can eat “regular” food, they are, by no fault of there own, started down the path of a poor diet. The real young ones are naturally active and it’s really not until they start school that after the 1st few years of “non stop” activity, they slow down for things like homework and video games. Now I’m sure I can add more here but I am no dietician or nutritionist or fitness expert, but because I read material from all of you guys, and I appreciate all of it, I thought I’d join the poll.

  5. It’s the loss of this countries definate purpose. There is no true goal to strive for hence the bloated children

  6. It used to be that “play” meant doing something physically active and the last thing we wanted to play with was our TV. I agree that parents who are poorly educated in the importance of nutition and fitness have much to do with propogating poor habits in their children. I would love parents to have to pass something like a drivers license test before they could receive any child tax deductions. ~Scott

  7. Using my own childhood as a baseline, I can’t buy “diet” as the primary cause of obesity in kids. Being from the south, I was raised on southern food; AKA “fried food” & plenty of buscuits (lard). My mom never gave low fat diets a thought; her goal was a well balanced diet from the main food groups.
    Being lucky enough to have lived long enough to have raised kids and now raising grand kids it is very obvious to me what the main difference is, which I will outline below.
    1. I actually did walk or ride my bike several miles to and from school, not ride in moms car to the bus stop.
    2. My television exposure (by choice) was about 3 1/2 hours per week; not 35.
    3. I pulled weeds, mowed the lawn and edged the sidewalk on a regular basis (not by choice).
    4. We had physical education in school, mandatory. Which included competitive running and many other truely physical activites. If you chose not to participate you either walked the asphalt for the hour or got to visit the principal.
    5. My free time on the weekends was not spent indoors (my choice and mom’s demand) but rather on my bike, swimming, playing sand-lot football, climbing trees, mock boxing with my friends, occasionally non-mock boxing with my friends and non friends, digging holes with a shovel and many other physical endeavors.
    Your post and my reply has given me an excellent idea for a work-out program: just be a kid again just like I used to be. The problem is that this world is no longer safe for kids to play like they used to (thanks to the pervs and consciousless thugs).
    To summarize my opinion; television, video games and smart phones have replaced “GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND GO PLAY!”.
    Just for the record; I am not a hipocrit. I’ll soon turn 60 and can still complete 100+ proper pull-ups in less than an hour. I just wish I had more time to “play”. I uderstand how things have changed as far as opportunities for them to get exercise go, but that doesn’t change the need for it or the consequences of not getting it.

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