Poll: Overweight? No Graduation for You.

Photo Credit: lumaxart
Photo Credit: lumaxart

In 2006, the university in Pennsylvania introduced its Fitness for Life programme with the aim of encouraging students to lose weight.
They demised that if a student had a body mass index (BMI) – a ratio of weight to height – of above 30, then they should take some college-sanctioned steps to show they had lost weight or at least tried.
These might include activities such as walking, exercises, various fitness games, etc.
If those who were assigned to take these courses did not complete them, they would not be allow to graduate.  Similar in concept to United States high school “Exit Exam” that all students must pass in order to obtain a high school diploma.
While it is true that obesity world-wide is on the rise, does it make sense to stop somebody from obtaining a college level degree simply because they do not meet a BMI requirement?
Do you even think the BMI is a good standard to measure against?
How would you feel if you denied a university degree simply because you were overweight?
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  1. what if you’re a bodybuilder or powerlifter or strongman? would you not be able to graduate because you’re 220lb of muscle and stand 5’10”? this is complete garbage, your BMI has nothing to do with your health or well being.

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