Pan Fry Salmon Like a 5 Star Chef

Pan Fry Salmon

Pan Fry Salmon – Walnut Crusted Salmon from the best bodybuilding cookbook around, Anabolic Cooking.

Pan Fry Salmon
Pan Fry Salmon from Metabolic Cooking

It’s late on a Friday night and I suddenly get “volunteered” to make dinner.  I’m an honest person and truth be told …

  • I’m not a chef
  • I don’t like to cook
  • I eat because I need fuel
  • I’ve never ever attempted to pan fry salmon

I look around the kitchen and without an idea, I think to myself…

“You know Marc, you printed out that Anabolic Cooking cookbook and it’s in the bottom drawer.”  I quickly grab the copy (it cost $47 to print in B&W at Office Depot but let me finish the story)…
All I’ve got is a bag of frozen Atlantic Salmon for my protein.  I’ve got some sweet brown rice that I can make in my rice cooker, and a fresh salad that I picked up from Whole Foods.  I skimmed the cookbook for FISH and found a pan fried salmon recipe called Walnut Crusted Salmon.
Sounded interesting and I’m a cinnamon and walnut fan.  The directions looked simple enough and there wasn’t going to be a huge mess to clean up.
I didn’t know the first thing about how to pan fry and I didn’t have the time to do some massive research on Google to figure it out.  I used my powers of a public education to guess that pan frying probably meant…
Pan Fry = Medium High heat on a non-stick pan.
I thawed the salmon, made the topping below and pan fried the salmon.  5 minutes per side exactly at medium high heat and it was flaky as described and cooked thru.
The crackling of the walnuts, cinnamon and pan fry salmon made this amazing smell in the air.  When the rest of the family entered the house, they wanted to know what smelled so darn good!  I’d never attempted to pan fry salmon and here I was, doing exactly that for the first time and successfully I might add.
The Pan Fry Salmon recipe below, codename Walnut Crusted Salmon makes makes 4 servings.  I sprinkled the mixture on both sides the best I could.

Ingredients for Pan Fry Salmon:

• 4 Salmon Filets (6oz each)
• 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
• 1/4 cup Walnuts, crushed
• 1 pinch of Cinnamon

Easy Step Pan Fry Salmon Directions:

1. In a bowl, mix walnuts and cinnamon
2. Coat salmon filets with walnut-cinnamon mixture
3. In a non-stick pan, coated will olive oil, pan fry salmon on both sides for 5 minutes or until the fish begins to flake
Nutritional Facts for Walnut Crusted Salmon: (Per Serving)
• Calories: 319
• Protein: 34g
• Carbohydrates: 3g
• Fat: 19g

Quick Tip for this tasty pan fry salmon recipe:

Serve with Green Salad!

Overall Impression of the Pan Fry Salmon named Walnut Crusted Salmon

Delicious!  I’m a fish fan anyway but the cinnamon and walnuts that were cooked into this were amazing.  The leftovers were just as good, maybe a bit better.
You can lean how to make this pan fry salmon recipe and loads more (beef, chicken, fish) along with some vegetarian options by following some really simple directions.  I’ve found that most cookbooks don’t cater to bodybuilders or even those who are fitness minded looking for optimal muscle building meals.  Many cookbooks offer up healthy recipes or semi-nutritious options but are severely lacking in protein.  As a recreational bodybuilder, I want my meals to contain a fair amount of protein, some fats, maybe some carbohydrates but they need to taste great.
Most of the time when I eat salmon for lunch, I do the unthinkable.
Thaw and Microwave!
You shudder I know.  It’s drab and boring.  However, these meals make me look like a professional chef when clearly I am not.  I’m not making meals that are wowing people every time or myself but it’s nice to have a reference cookbook specific to my needs as a protein seeking bodybuilder.
In a bind and can’t figure out what to cook?  Need some ideas?  Can’t cook?!  Not a problem.  Just download the report below and get started with 10 delicious, healthy recipes right now.  This is from Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking cookbook with over 200 muscle building, fat burning recipes.
Here’s to some happy cooking some pan fry salmon or whatever else you fancy.  You don’t need to be a bodybuilding chef to make some amazing recipes.
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Not a fan of fish!?  That’s okay.  There are baked chicken breast recipes that meet the needs of a serious muscle builder.

pan fry salmon

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