I'm Fat – You're Fat – We're Fat – No I'm Not

Seriously several times a day my mind convinces me that I’m a bit chubby, to a bit leaner today, to convincing me I need to go low calorie or low carb for a few too if I want to get serious in the gym, I need to be in a surplus.
Somebody once said, “listen to your body.”  I agree, you should.  But for the love of life…
IGNORE your mind!
It’s psychotic at times and there’s 15 different personalities in there all trying to sabotage your goals.
Have a Clearly Defined Plan in Writing
The best thing you can do is have a plan and stick to it.  This almost eliminates that noise that goes thru our brains every day telling us to do something else.  If you have a plan and it’s written down, it’s a million times easier to focus than allowing your mind to wander and your hands to pinch around your midsection.  Next thing you know, you’re mind has convince your body you are indeed to fat and you start cutting.

Long story short.. 7 months later you look in the mirror and wonder why you haven’t made any freaking progress for all the hard work!  Well genius, the answer is right in front of you. Too many “people” telling you what to do on a daily basis allows for no progressive change. One day you are carb loading, the next you are carb back loading followed by a 1000 calorie deficit day.
And you wonder why some people don’t make progress?
Most don’t have a plan and if they do, it’s muffled out by the constant screaming of the inner voices telling you to do something else.  In a typical day, my own body is a machine but it’s bugged several times by my mind and it’s nefarious tricks.  If I sit down and one piece of flesh even thinks about going over my waist, that is the day I’m going on a cutting diet!  But if I do a workout and don’t have the energy, I’m told (inside) that I need more carbs and I’m not eating enough.
I’d Come to the Conclusion My Right Hand is the Problem
Today I broke out my Fitbit online and started tracking what I’m eating.  My body has been telling me to eat more but my mind is convincing my right hand as it pinches my stomach that I don’t want to do that.  So I don’t.  And here Fitbit’s online calorie tracker is saying I’m not nearly eating enough (which is true and will actually make me put on fat at the expense of lean muscle).
If this is too long, didn’t read (TL;DR) let me be clear.

  • Have a plan
  • Write down the plan
  • Track your plan even if it’s just guess work

You might be surprised at the facts and how it shuts off your mind’s many voices that are telling you the wrong information and making matters worse.  Listen to your body but don’t let your mind convince it until you have those facts in front of you.  If you do, your beliefs soon become your reality and you’ll act accordingly.
Be Fit, Stay Strong!
Marc David – CPT

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