I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In

I Love Bodybuilding
It occurred to me while driving that not many things in life are free and certainly without somebody taking a piece of your effort.  Take for example…

  • Wages
  • Financial Income
  • Bonus Checks
  • Licenses
  • Purchases
  • and so much more

All these things can be taxed.  While this isn’t a fair comparison (the cost of living in society is not the same as personal accomplishments), it’s the number one reason why I love bodybuilding.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment that cannot otherwise be diminished.

I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In

If I workout 100%, I get 100% of the gains.  Nobody can take that away.  If I workout 110% (a bit of overtime on the calves) I get that bonus and nobody can take that away.  It’s the only sport I’m intimately familiar with that cannot be touched by political correctness (no matter how you spin it, no two people will ever be equal).
You cannot change it from a privilege to a right thru any means.  For example…

You can change a privilege to drive to a right to drive thru laws and regulations but you cannot change bodybuilding from a privilege to workout to a right to workout even with magic fairy dust.
If I choose not to workout and engage in the correct behaviors for success, I will not be successful.  Nobody can cut me a check for a lack of effort from your gains to make up for my shortcomings.  If you don’t put in, you don’t get out.  This is why I love bodybuilding.
You can accuse me of using drugs or being genetically gifted or having too much time to workout when you have a life to live but unless I allow your words to be true, you still cannot take away my success except thru mental trickery.
You can take my wages, you can take my capital gains, you can tax me on a new car, my registration and my bonus checks but you cannot tax my gains on muscle gained or fat lost.  You will never make me equal to another person who works less than I do in an attempt to make accomplishments equal.  The feeling of success or failure is all me and while I have support along the way, the ultimate success rests upon my shoulders.
Be Fit, Stay Strong!
Marc David – CPT
It’s obvious I love bodybuilding but why do you?

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