How to Tell if You are Fat

Do you ever ask yourself the question, “Am I fat?”
Then you dig around for that missing body fat caliper you bought for $10 off or search the web for the best body fat calculator?  Maybe you pay $70 every few months to get dunked underwater in some hydrostatic body weight van?  If this sounds like you keep reading.
What you are about to learn is the most honest, no formulas necessary method to quickly and easily determine if you are fat.  You won’t need any complicated formulas, no charts to memorize and it works on males and females alike!  Nobody else will tell you this because they all want to look super smart and they think a body fat number means something (it does to some extent but once you see the method below, you’ll know why it doesn’t matter).
This secret formula came to me thru a middle-aged wife who let me in on the secret while we were standing in line for some overpriced coffee.  Even I didn’t realize just how simple it is to tell if you are fat or not.
Put away the calipers.
Toss out the electronic body fat scales.
No need for dunking yourself underwater.  This method can be done anywhere, at anytime in the privacy of your own home (or in public if you are so bold).

Step 1:  Stand Up
This requires you to stand up.  It is very inaccurate sitting down or hunched over. (I’m sitting as I type this and I feel pretty fat today).  To get the most accurate reading possible you need to be in an upright position.  As my grandmother used to say (rest her soul), pretend you are being pulled up by a string.  Stand up straight!
Step 2:  Look at your stomach

  • If your belly fat is hanging over the elastic band on your underwear, you are fat.
  • If your belly fat is not hanging over the elastic band on your underwear, you are not fat

That’s it!
That is all there is to this no caliper necessary, visual body fat test.  You can do the test several times a day to see if your results change over the course of a day.  There’s no need to know your numbers!  This is especially true of hardcore fitness bodybuilders types.  Even if they were measured at 11.9%, I can guarantee you that 50% of that population thinks they are fat when in fact they are not.
Please share this because it’s just the easiest method you can use to simply answer the question we all privately ask ourselves.
So the next time your wife or husband asks… “do I look fat?”  You can just say…
Stand up.. and turn sideways.
Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding
PS – This is a post riddled with humor so take it with a gain of salt (but there’s some truth to it).  I’ll be sure to write and update on how to measure your body fat and what those numbers mean regarding your health.

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