How To Help Your Child or Teen Lose Weight

Jeff Anderson, the author of Optimum Anabolics.  He’s releasing a series of help books for parents and children to address health and fitness at an earlier age called How To Help Your Child or Teen Lose Weight.
Here’s what’s included:
1. Main eBook
2. Metabolism Makeover For Children (And Parents!) – ebook
3  How To Raise Your Child’s Self Esteem – ebook
4. Fast, Fit, Kid-Friendly Snacks & Meals – ebook
5. Health Nut Family Secrets – mp3 audio
Why Jeff is Doing This:
“When I take my son to school, I’m AMAZED at how overweight some children are.
It infuritates me!
Yeah, there’s the “health” aspect to it but frankly, kids don’t know (or care) much about that.
It’s the EMOTIONAL IMPACT from the bullying and teasing that does the real damage at this age!
I was always one to stick up for these kids in school so I’m hoping to make a real impact on at least an educational level with this project.”
Congratulations Jeff!  I hope this turns out to be a success.  Getting to the younger generation now could help combat the impending obesity problem the United States and the rest of the world is facing.  Giving parents the resources they need to educate their children while making it fun sounds to me like a fantastic idea.
Raising Fit Kids

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  1. Great Blog! If your child or teenager is having a weight problem, it most likely isn’t going to just go away. This is something that needs to addressed so that your son or daughter can go on to live a happier life. Almost any teen weight loss regime can help lower the chances of these problems in the future. Kids in school are brutal with other children that suffer with weight issues. Helping your child lose weight requires long-term modifications in lifestyle and eating habits that need to be incorporated into the family structure. Set realistic goals. The more do able the goal, the more likely your child will walk away with better results. Choose healthy and nutritious foods. Change your family's eating habit and encourage children to exercise.

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