Surprisingly Simple "Pre-Workout Energy Drink" Video

Pre-Workout Energy Drink makers beware!
If you want to learn how to make your own supplements for much cheaper, that mimic the products you see below, then watch the video.
pre-workout energy drink

How to Make a Pre-Workout Energy Drink

This video rocks! This six minute video will show you step by step how to make your own homemade pre-workout energy workout drink. But before you watch the video, let me tell you some of the reasons why I like it so much.
For starters… we’ve all spent countless dollars on supplements. Who hasn’t tried a fat burner or wondered during their cutting cycle if just this one particular product might work to help chemically stimulate them to lose weight? Or the pre-workout blues where you don’t have the energy but you see the guy with the 1 gallon jug of some Nitrix Oxide mixture, caffeine and Yohimbe to get them amped for the workout ahead?
To date, I’m not a huge supplement fan myself so I don’t spend all that much money but I did. When I was 18 years old, I feel for tricks of the trade. I skipped meals and didn’t train like an animal in favor of the flashy ads. We’ve all been fooled at some point. It’s why marketing and advertising works so well and why people who can write, literally write their own paychecks.
But I’m getting way ahead of myself! For starters…
If you do like pre-workout energy drinks and you want to make your own, here’s a really simple recipe that you can follow that will have you amped for those workouts. Maybe you’ve heard the saying?

“Nothing is more persuasive than a good demonstration” If you tell them, they doubt you, but if you show them, they believe you.”

“Marc, do you think X brand of fat burner will work? Do you think I should spend my money on a pre-workout energy drink? I’m tired before I hit the gym and I need something. Please help. I don’t have a lot of money so don’t recommend something too expensive okay”
I get these all the time.
And that brings me to this video you’re about to watch and why I like it so much.
It’s hard enough to talk you thru making your own supplements. There’s confusion on what to buy, where to purchase the bulk products and how much to put in. I’m going to defer that question to the guy who likes to make his own pre-workout energy drink supplements.
Frankly… NOTHING beats a good demonstration.
So, watch this demonstration, and appreciate a much education of homemade supplements.
Credit and a big thank you go to the producer of this video, Jeff “The Muscle Nerd” Anderson, The HomeMade Supplement Chef!, Thanks Jeff. Some companies may hate you for spreading this video. I’m sure some people will thank you for saving them a boatload of money. Almost everybody will appreciate the simplicity you demonstrate in this video on making your own pre-workout energy drink.
To pick-up the PDF of this pre-workout energy drink recipe and to learn how to make many other homemade supplements from Jeff Anderson head over to:

6 Replies to “Surprisingly Simple "Pre-Workout Energy Drink" Video”

  1. enjoyed the video,finding all the ingredients would be the task for me,and finding the time to measure all the stuff,but i love u guys. i have used some stuff.

  2. lol! are you serious with the maltodextrin?? I mean its glycemic index is ONLY 137…good sustainable energy…lmao

  3. I agree with you. Buying premixed supplements is a huge waste of money. I always buy ingredients in bulk, then make my own mixes. I just started using DMAA for making preworkout energy drinks. It’s the “secret ingredient” that’s in Jack3d.

  4. Great simple recipe. Although, I workout at home in the morning and because of my work schedule do not have time to make this every morning.
    Can I make this in bulk and then drink it 30 mins before workout in the morning?

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