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I’m John and I know you get many emails but I need to send you this email. I’ve been reading everything you have but I am a bit confused. I do not know where to start, what to eat, what to read, I’m just lost. I’m sure many other people feel the same way. can you recommend something that will guide me from start to end. I do not know what book to read or….I am just frustrated with myself. I do workout but i think I am working out the wrong way. Can you give me some advice?
Thank you
John B.

I can and I will. 1st things first.. you gotta step back. Take a breather and start from Ground Zero.
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Hate to send you to a website but truth be told, I wrote a very good 19 Steps to Build Muscle guide that will help along with a short course that goes along with it. Hands down, the best and least hyped piece in this nasty industry.
#2: My top 2 recommendations for an overall guide to get you started.
a) My own NoBull Bodybuilding system. I’m biased. Take it with a grain of salt but I get a lot of good feedback on it.
b) Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Hands down the resource for everything nutrition. I captured a lot of what’s in this book but I can’t come close to the detail. It’s different and worth it.
After that.. I recommend lot of other stuff from workout programs to mumbo-jumbo scientific stuff. Lotta decent stuff out there but truly without a good foundation, it’s all noise.
You need the basics. A solid foundation. Then you can build from there in any direction you so desire.
I’m keeping this note intentionally short so as not to stray off topic and confuse you even more.
Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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