Goodbye Sean O'Malley: Cardio Coach

Sean M O'Malley

Sean M O'Malley
Rest in Peace Coach

I’m very sad today to have found out that Sean O’Malley, 40, of Boynton Beach, who earned three letters while playing in the defensive line for the Ole Miss Rebel, better known as the Cardio Coach has passed away.

While doing some routine tasks this morning, I was alerted to this via a friend and I just sat there in shock.  Was this some kind of sick joke?  I quickly scanned Google and found nothing.  Then I did a search on Facebook and found this on his Cardio Coach page.
Sean O'Malley
From this posting on, it was filled with “We’ll miss you Sean!”  As of this post, I have no idea what took him but I know that I’m deeply saddened by this news.  I am sure if you were a Cardio Coach fan, this will come as a shock.
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I remember when Volume 1 and 2 first came out.  I had just started learning more about the benefits of cardiovascular training and HIIT.  Like most people, I grew bored of listening to music or doing some 1 minute on, 1 minute off routine all by myself.
Then I found Cardio Coach and heard Sean O’Malley’s voice literally coaching me thru each warm up, steady state and challenges.  At this point, I feel I’ve lost a friend.  We spoke a few times on the phone early on and somewhere in Volume 2, he even took the time to thank me.
Truthfully, there’s really no other cardio I do.  At times, I’ll do low intensity steady state while watching TV but every single other time, I’m listening to Volume 1-3 of Cardio Coach.
I will miss you Sean.  You were there for me in hundreds of workouts pushing me to the next level.  You truly cared and gave of yourself.  You touched thousands of people and made lives better.  Rest in peace friend.  I thank you for all you do.  It’s going to be a bit sad listening to volumes here on out but trust me, I will be listening.
I still need my coach.
Goodbye Sean.
– marc
Update:  Obituary For: Sean Michael O’Malley

12 Replies to “Goodbye Sean O'Malley: Cardio Coach”

    1. The news blew me away. I thought at first it was a hoax. Sean made a difference in my life and I’m really sad he’s gone. I’m very glad to have found a great cardio coach.

  1. Marc I am so sorry. It is hard when we lose anyone we know.This kind of really hits me because he was only 40 (I am 48) and its 2nd persond person I have been told about passing that was less than 42 in leSs than 2 months. Again I amsorry for the loss. take care Marc.

  2. Hey Marc,
    It’s always tough when you lose a friend, especially one who has had such a huge impact on your life, much like a mentor or a guide. The best way to remember that person is to share everything that they shared with you, with as many people as possible, always giving credit for the knowledge gained to the person who you got it from. This way everyone gets a little piece of that person and you to carry with them.
    Big Dave

  3. MArk…If you can find out any more, please let me know. I trained with Sean for about 3 years up here in Va. Beach, Va. It hasn’t been the same since…..He truly was the “Cardio Coach”. He did it all for me, introduced me to Spinning, and taught me the Sean Way of Spinning. He was a friend, and he even allowed me to auction off “Personal Training with the Cardio Coach” for Juvenile Dabetes Research, and we raised $2400 with his donation of 6 months of personal training. I am in shock, to say the least. It seemed as though he was always searching…I don’t know for what. If you have any additional info, his sister or parents address, or you can forward my email address to them, I have some pictures I would like to share with them…thank you

    1. Hi Bob,
      I just wanted to ask, considering the mention of you raising money for type one diabetes with him, did he have type one diabetes? I also have this condition and I can tell you now that it can have a major impact on life expectancy – no matter how healthy you are, you can still die in your sleep from a hypoglycaemic episode, especially if you are tightly controlled and have hypo unawareness because of it. My condolences either way, he sounded like a great bloke.
      Regards, John

    2. That sounds EXACTLY like Sean. The only information I have thus far is whatever can be found off the Facebook page above and the link to the Obituary where there’s a guest book and an option to send a card, flowers or OTHER. You might be able to somehow get in contact that way? I really don’t know. I only spoke with him a few times at length in 2005 and exchanged some emails but nothing as personal as family names or locations. I think the best option is the guest book and the Facebook page to let them know you are seeing some contact to send photos.

  4. Marc, while I never met Sean personally he was the one that got me into interval training..I have every Cardio Coach there is and they were instrumental in getting me from walking to running. I got a treadmill 6 yrs ago that went to a 10% incline..that is now not high enough for my CC workouts at home..I need at least a 20% incline and it’s all thanks to him. He will be missed by so many around the world. I have met some wonderful people through Cardio Coach.
    Ann Marie

  5. Mark, please feel free to provide my email – I may regret it later as emails and FB messages have topped 3000 already – but we sooooooo are needing to hear these stories. We ‘knew’ Sean was amazing, we just didn’t ‘get’ the magnitude of his impact.
    With thanks for all you have done for Sean and Cardio Coach through the years,
    colleen at jcweber dot com

  6. Hello everyone I am Sean’s first cousin through my father. His passing was truly a shock to us all. He was such a powerful inspiration to everyone including me ( age 25) and all my brothers and sister ages ( brothers 24, 22, 17, sister 17). Last time we spoke was through Facebook and he was encouraging us to keep pushing through the rough times we were having as a family. We will forever remember Sean as a beast on the football field who played at Ole Miss. He was a true coach in all aspects of life, his unselfish actions , his drive to make everyone around him better in everyway possible. I will remember cousin Sean as a genuine person who never faked smiles, comments or words of encouragement .
    I love and miss you Cousin Sean, I know your in Heaven watching over us

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