Good News for Alcohol Consuming Bodybuilders

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol “may” reduce bone loss!  A study published in Menopause, showed that moderate alcohol consumption may prevent bone loss.  As you know (or do now if you didn’t) bone is a living organism.  Doing weight bearing exercises has helped prevent bone loss as you age which is why I highly recommend weight training for as much of your life as possible.
The researchers took 40 blood samples from  healthy postmenopausal women pre and post moderate alcohol consumption and concluded that drinking alcohol in moderate amounts helped slow down the bone turnover rate.
What you need to know is this…

  • if you do not wish to drink; this certainly isn’t a reason to do so
  • if you do drink in moderation, this could be good news (for both men and women)
  • if you want to win bodybuilding competitions; you best steer clear of alcohol entirely while your prepping

There’s so much talk about drinking and building muscle.  I’ve been in industry long enough to know there’s some people that want the green light to get drunk on weekends and still believe they will have the bodies they desire.  Others who have the occasional drink of alcohol are fearful if they touch a drop that somebody the fat will never melt and the six pack abs will never show.  Both are incorrect conclusions.
Read this if want to know more about how alcohol affects bodybuilding and your ability to build muscle and what is meant by “moderation.”
Until then, maybe this gives us hope that one or two small glasses of red wine might help us break a new record when it comes to our lifts?  Or maybe not.  Food for thought.
Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

2 Replies to “Good News for Alcohol Consuming Bodybuilders”

  1. It is strange, in the case of alcohol, there is always another study that encourages people to drink because of the “probable” health benefit.
    This is obviously the good reason to get drunk!
    I mean it’s healthy according to science!
    If it’s so healthy on the long term, why you feel like shit and have so much negative side effect short and medium term ????
    I think your article about how alcohol affect body-building is way more revealing than any of those bullshit scientific studies, who always end up contradicting themselves with each other on the long run.

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