Fundrasing Event: My Ultimate Body Teleseminar

Hey, just wanted t – I’ve seen this thing floating around in my Inbox from fitness expert, Scott Colby and I wanted to make sure you got the scoop on this.
It concerns helping some children in need and getting some GREAT training information at the same time. Scott has put together a fund-raising teleseminar where ALL the proceeds (every single penny) go DIRECTLY to assisting an orphanage in Africa. 19 training and nutrition experts will be taking YOUR questions on all kinds of topics. (Trekking for Kids is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization)
Naturally, Scott didn’t invite me.  Putting my ego aside this is a great opportunity to give back and help out some deserving children.
20 bucks gets you in on ALL calls (and like I said, he’s got 19 experts lined up) but you’re welcome to donate more. You’re going to get a TON of information on these calls…
Direct Link to the Scott Colby Trekking for Kids Fitness Teleseminar. (no affiliate links)
Here’s the list of experts and the subjects they’ll be talking about.

  • Mindset Call – Scott Tousignant, Jim Katsoulis and Kevin Gianni
  • Motivation and Success Call – Ryan Lee, Jon Benson and Shawn Phillips
  • Diet and Nutrition Call – Jayson Hunter and Dr. Chris Mohr
  • Fat Loss Call – Tom Venuto, Kyle Battis, Rob Poulos and Chad Tackett
  • Six-Pack Abs Call – Mike Geary and Scott Colby
  • Women’s Health Call – Holly Rigsby, Joey Atlas, Valerie Waters, Andrea Albright and Angie Phillips
  • Muscle Building Call – Jeff Anderson and Nick Nilsson

Definitely check this out and get signed up. The cool thing is, if you can’t make any one of the calls that you’re interested in, you can still submit your questions and download an MP3 version of the teleseminar later.

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