Fake it Till You Make it

Skinny Male Sees Himself Muscular

Skinny Male Sees Himself Muscular
At some point you’ve head the phase, “fake it till you make it.”  This could be in regards to almost anything.  I’ve heard it in the context of becoming a better author.  Maybe you’ve heard it regarding public speaking.
But maybe you’ve not heard it in relation to bodybuilding and building the body of your dreams.
Most people I talk to seem to think they need the ..

  • perfect diet
  • perfect training plan
  • perfect variables for them to workout on a consistent basis
  • the best supplements for their goals
  • need to be an expert on a subject before making a change
  • and the list goes on

Before they even start to think about getting more fit or whatever the goal is.  They feel they need everything in order before taking that first step.  They want to be the expert before they start the journey.
Whatever you are doing today, no matter what your dream is… you should just fake it till you make it.  Meaning, start eating better than before, start training and do it whenever you can.  Forget supplements and focus on the small changes.  Stop looking at the big picture and focus on something you can do right now, today that is better than something you did yesterday.
If you start to think you can’t do this, let me give you an insight.  Without being a psychologist, I can tell you from decades of experience, your body changes your mind.  As you make these small changes, your body will change.  When it changes, your self doubts will diminish.  What you thought was impossible to do will start to seem easy.  How you see yourself in the mirror every day does have an influence on how you see yourself and what you believe you are capable of.
Making small changes will lead to big changes.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  The body of your dreams begins with 1 minute of exercise a week, that becomes 2, that becomes 5 that becomes a routine, then a habit then 60 minutes easily multiple times a week.
Can doing a little bit of exercise a few minutes in a day really change your life in a meaningful way?
Can becoming a bodybuilder or getting the physique you want truly start with the idea of faking it till you make it?
Our bodies change our minds
… and our minds change our behavior
… and our behavior changes our outcomes.
Maybe instead of faking it till you make it … it should be phrase as fake it until you become it.
Start working out and making small changes like you know what you are doing.  As times goes on, you’ll learn, you will progress and within a shorter time frame than you probably think, you will become it.
Fake it Until You Become it
For those who don’t like to read, let me leave you with this …
Tiny tweaks –> BIG CHANGES
Great physiques are forged over years with up and downs.  The people you see in magazines have put in long hours over years for a split second for a photograph.  The few you see in the gym that seemingly make a decades worth of progress in a month, are not to be found 5 years later.
Even after working out for over 20 years, when I get a bug to make a change, I start with tiny tweaks knowing that if I just add 1 session of intense cardio a week, it will turn into 2 and as I cut 100 calories there it will be 500+ in short order.  At the end of 2 months, I’m on a path to get lean without having to do much except make small changes that surmount to massive momentum.
Be Fit, Stay Strong!
Marc David – CPT

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  1. Thanks Marc – that was actually very inspirational, especially as I’ve missed a few days at the gym and was questioning the hassle of going back today – this article has convinced me it’s worth it just to get back in there and get going! Tony (Ireland)

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