Don't Miss the Weight Loss GOLD RUSH

I gotta tell you… I NEVER give a second glance to most of the junk mail I receive at home but this time something caught my eye!
"Don't Miss Out on the Weight Loss Gold Rush!"
My blood started to boil and I was pissed.

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3 Replies to “Don't Miss the Weight Loss GOLD RUSH”

  1. This is the way it is these days.
    However, I think one way to see through the haze is not to buy products from faceless companies. If there’s a sales page without the authors face, it’s a no-no. Also if the seller has no other outlet like a blog that they don’t regularly update, alarm bells go off.
    I, like you, will also be releasing products, but it’s critical to me that it’s all done with integrity. I also would never recommend a product I hadn’t used and saw results with.
    Nice post.

  2. I like your response to the “Gold Rush.” Exploitation seems around every corner these days. I would like to see you add an article to Senior Net and your site on a reasonable exercise program for the 65 and older population. Not just walking but a reasonable whole body workout.

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