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As with most health and fitness sites, people discover this site and think I’m only blogging and posting for the money or that I’m selling something and asking for your email address for some ulterior motive.

While I completely understand this — there is so much pitching and promotion in this business, you are well advised to be cautious and somewhat skeptical. On the flip side, it’s nearly impossible to be passionate about something and not come across as being a sales promotion. It’s difficult to walk that thin line.

If you are a regular reader of NoBull Bodybuilding then you should know via this blog that I’m not in this for the money. I derive my income from alternative sources not related to health and fitness. This is a passion for me. I’m into sharing as much as I know, as openly as allowable. All this knowledge is in the Archives for free if you are willing to spend some time reading.

Because I get paid elsewhere as a primary source of income, I’ve never felt I needed to push something to make money or sell myself out in order to pay the bills.

However, I do “get” things out of this blog which may include money. I’m saying this up front so there’s no question about my motivations in any aspect. Hopefully this will give you a more complete picture of who I am and why I blog.

Here’s Some Things I Get Out of Blogging:

In an effort to be transparent with my blogging, I’m going to tell you what I gain from this blog.  Here’s what I receive from NoBull Bodybuilding:

Money – Yup.  I do make a little money from this blog.  You’ll see that thru some of the affiliate promotions sprinkled thru this site.

In all honestly, I do only promote programs that I believe in, that I’ve used and I think are relevant to the readers of this blog.  I don’t disclose every link that I use as an affiliate link or not.  This is a business for me and I put forth a lot of effort into the work I do.

I do not and have not linked to anyone in my posts in exchange for money or other incentives.  If there is a sponsored post or a guest post, it will be clearly marked as such.  The reason I do not promote everything under the sun as frequently as others is that if I haven’t tried it myself (not read it over and given my approval but TRIED it) then I don’t endorse it.  Which makes my bodybuilding program reviews slow.  It takes months to fully follow a program and understand it enough to do a review.  Hence, you won’t see me reviewing a program every month.

Profile – This blog was created to share my experiences with the readers and raise awareness as to my credibility within the fitness community.  I use this as a showcase of my skills for other avenues into other communities.  While I can never be an expert on every area of health and fitness, I will share what I can with my readers to the best of my ability.

Satisfaction – I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I enjoying writing and receiving comments.  I like to help people and I do get a warm fuzzy feeling when somebody is truly helped.  While it feels good to give, it feels good to receive.

What Does This Blog Cost Me?

Since I’m being transparent about what I get out of this blog, I should be allowed to share with it costs me to blog.

As of:

Time – I spent a fair amount of time writing posts for this blog than working on my other fitness sites or contributing to any other communities.  I share my fitness passion here first with the readers.  I receive hundreds of emails per week from people seeking answers and advice about a variety of topics.  Blogging is not easy work.  It’s difficult and I’ve often struggled to find my voice and share as much information as quickly as possible.  I’ve been in the business since 2001 and I have no intentions to quitting anytime soon.

Competitive Edge – It costs me to host this blog every month, to pay for the Aweber service (the email service I use to keep your email secure and spam free).  I host this blog on AWS using a t2.micro instance.  Trying to keep the costs as low as possible.

I Love Blogging:
As you can see, blogging has it’s benefits and costs.  Some days I want to write 15 different posts.  Other times I want to cancel my account, close the doors and let people figure this out for themselves.  In the long run I’ve been more than satisfied.  My goal when I started was to help just one person avoid the frustration I did and help them skip the mistakes and become healthy.  I believe I’ve accomplished that goal and now, the number if infinity.  The positive people I have helped and can help in the future, outweigh all the negatives.  I do love my job.

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