Different Pushup Exercises

There’s so many different pushup exercises that when I went looking I found this video showing some pushup variations. Below you’ll find a very simple and easy to follow pushup workout to increase your pushups so you will be able to do 100 in a row.

I tried to do 100 pushups in a row and only did 60 non-stop. After all the training programs I’ve done, I figured that I’d easily get to 100. Boy was I wrong! Anyhow…
I Did The HundredIt took me a few seconds in Google to find a very nice site called One Hundred Pushups that has a serious but simple progressive workout plan. My last test, I was able to do 87 in a row. Frankly…
There’s more benefits to the standard pushup that most would think.

  • Release of growth hormone with higher repetition sets
  • Holding the proper pushup position actives the core and strengths your abdominals
  • Trains 3 muscle groups in a single motion (chest, tricep and deltoids)

Even with all the dumbbell and barbell and machine exercises I do on a regular basis for chest, when I started doing just standard pushups independent of my training and not just as a supplemental to my training, I noticed something fantastic. My chest…
In fact, so much the results were significant enough for several people to comment. And the ONLY change I made was just adding standard pushup workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday following the outlined progressive pushup program.
This body weight exercise added inches to my chest that years of direct chest work never did. You can bet I’ll be adding this into my regular workouts for a growth explosion and strength increase that using weights just can’t duplicate.
By the way, I participated in an Underground Chest Training seminar where I gave my very best tips on building a great chest. There were 5 other experts who chimed in on the action. Pushups, v-bar dips, chin placement and many other top notch chest exercises and techniques were covered.
It’s about that time again to see if I can best my previous record of 87 pushups in a row.
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