Meal Plans from Bulkbites – Easy to Create Online for Free

Bulkbites bills itself as an easy to to create meal plans sites with pre-loaded recipes with the ability to upload and create your own.  As the community grows, so does you ability to drag and drop meals that fit your macronutrient needs. If you want 200g of protein a day, with 200g of carbs and…

Restrained Eating vs Calorie Restriction

It’s time for some NoBull Q&A…. questions come from Mike.  If you have question and you can’t find the answer, check out the FAQ. Question: My girlfriend is doing Weight Watchers and she says my diet is to restrictive.  She likes Weight Watchers because it is based on points,  She feels this allows her more freedom of choice….

Everything About Meal Frequency, I Learned from My Cats

Let me introduce you to Tigger ( the grey Norwegian Forest cat) and Muffin (the multi-colored Tortoiseshell Calico).  My cat’s don’t read your Meal Frequency studies.  They care not for your fasting debates or calorie calculations.  They are instinctive eaters.

Vegetarian Bodybuilder – Joel Kirkilis is a Meatless Freak with Guns

Vegetarian Bodybuilder is not a favorite concept to many people looking to build muscle. But take one look at the guns on Joel Kirkilis and tell him vegans can’t build muscle. Photo Credit to In fact, some trainers flat out tell their clients “Don’t become a vegetarian!”  Or that vegetarian bodybuilding isn’t possible or…