Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight? Only If You Do This

Can coffee make you gain weight?
Can coffee make you gain weight? If so, how so.
What a peculiar question I thought.   Who would gain weight by simply drinking a cup of coffee?  Then I realized that maybe it’s not common knowledge about what types of coffee people are referring to or in particular, how that coffee is prepared.

Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight:

if … you drink straight black coffee (caffeinated or decaffeinated) without anything added?  The answer is NO.  Like drinking water, straight black coffee without any additives of any sort, contains no calories and therefore you cannot gain weight.  You might over consume caffeine or too much water but any weight will be purely water and expelled thru natural processes.

Can Coffee Make You Gain Weight:

if … you add in milk, sugar, dairy creamers, whipped cream, chocolate or any other type of additive that contains calories.  Adding in a single cube of white granulated sugar can add 9 calories.  A single cube isn’t much.  Add in some milk or creamer and you’ve added more calories.  Doing some simple math:
Brewed coffee with 2 tablespoons of half & half can equal 41 calories.  Not a big deal depending on who you are but it’s quite easy to consume enough to add in 100 calories per day.  100 calories a day, 7 days a week and you’ve got an extra 700 calories a week.
At first it might not seem like much but over the course of a month, you can easily add a pound or two of unwanted fat.
If you are at all into the fancy brewed coffees with milk, sugar and other additives, you can have a single drink that is over 320 calories!  That’s easily enough to gain weight.

Coffee Can Make You Gain Weight?

You sure can IF you start adding in the various delicious substances available today.
I’m shocked that a single coffee with cream and sugar from Dunkin’ Donuts adds up to a whopping 120 calories!  Just 1 small a day and the weight gain would be minor but significant over time.  The quickest way to lose the weight if you have this type of habit is simply to find some great tasting straight black coffee (try 100% Kona; nice and expensive too) and you’ll lose weight by doing absolutely nothing.  Even consuming 1 less per day if you have a bigger habit that 1 small could make a significant difference over a month.
Sometimes but not always, the easiest way to burn fat without losing any muscle or exercising more is portion control.  You save a few bucks, you lose some weight and you literally do nothing different except to curb one habit, by one portion.  It may not be the miracle solution but it can make a difference depending on your current habit and consumption.
Can coffee make you gain weight just seemed like a strange question at the time but after some consideration from the various scenarios and given that many people are not aware of their portions, the calories in the beverages they consume or even the various additives, it became clear that something as simple as drinking coffee could put extra pounds on you over time.
The quick solution is to be aware of your coffee consumption and if you are using any additives (especially with calories of any sorts) to monitor your intake and adjust as necessary.
P.S. – Take a look at steps to gain weight and add muscle mass if you are indeed looking to pack on some healthy weight.

can you gain weight from coffee

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  1. Very interesting take on a simple cup of coffee, really interesting especially when you add up all those calories over a month or two!

  2. I’ve gained 16 pounds over the last year and I use coffee creamer each morning for 2 cups of coffee. Could my weight gain have come from the creamer. Nothing else in my daily diet has changed

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