Building Biceps

Building Biceps in 3 Easy Steps:
Jeff Anderson, known as “The Muscle Nerd” created a neat video on the concepts of 3 things you can do for bigger biceps in the gym. Having tried these techniques myself for a few years, I can vouch that they do indeed work. Maybe you are doing these? If so, great! If not, then listen up for the next 5 minutes because what you will learn could mean the difference in several inches.

For the record… Jeff knows he misspelled the word “squeeze.” 🙂
See this site if you are interested in Optimum Anabolics by Jeff Anderson Optimum Anabolics program.

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  1. These are pretty nifty techniques… I guess I’m as guilty as most guys in the gym of taking the shortcut of not using the full range of motion.
    One thing I want to focus on is not “cheating” on technique the way I used to… what’s the point of spending the time working out if I’m not going to do it right?
    Thanks for sharing Jeff’s video! 🙂

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