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I ran across an article by fellow fitness professional, John Sifferman (CST Coach, CST-KS) dissing the 3 sets of 10 repetitions that I personally grew up while working out in my room with my Sears weight set.  There’s some great muscle building tips that you can use as John covers the concept of Escalating Density Training and how you can tweak your own workout program to acheive better results.
Personally I have no issues with the old 3 sets of 10 for beginners who need something to latch onto and really don’t have the mind to muscle connection established.  If you’ve been training less than 6 months, the concepts of intensity and maximal lifts are probably foreign to you.

But this is worth taking a look at to spruce up your existing program if you like doing it but are bored with it and need to take it to the next level.  These techniques can offer you a bit of personalization to an otherwise standard routine you picked up off the Net.

  • One simple way of super charging your 3×10 workout program to make it more effective (I’m guessing you know this already but it’s a good reminder).
  • How to apply the 3 Set Formula to circuts and supersets to bump up the intensity (No, it has nothing to with supplements or drill instructors yelling at you)
  • Learn how many reps, set and the intensity level for maximum results. (Hint: you can use whatever cookie cutter program you use today and apply these techniques for steller results!)

Read Should You Still Be Doing 3 Sets of 10?
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