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Hi, my name is Marc David and I’ve taken a passion and turned it into a profession.  I spend my time sifting through the muscle-building myths, misconceptions and hype, so you don’t have to. If you are concerned about health but not obsessed about it, I can help. I also provide you with an honest, sometimes in-your-face NoBull approach to building muscle and burning fat.

From Passion to Profession

Back in 1998, I found a few websites dedicated to fitness but they were more a small collection of articles written by a single person covering some topics.  A few bodybuilding sites but nothing really interesting.  In 2001, I started my own site Freedomfly.net which turned out to be my first website and first real venture into the online world.  I made a commitment to deliver better information and link to more resources that given to me growing up 16 and frustrated.
I pursued my Personal Trainer certification from the ISSA.  I take 20 CEU (continuing education credits or more) every 2 years to keep active in my field.

I’ve just scratched the surface here – but I’ve written up an extended version of my story of beginner to expert bodybuilder which will hopefully fill in some of the gaps above.

Why NoBull Bodybuilding?

NoBull Bodybuilding is an attempt to reach average people and teach them the art of building muscle and to gain the look of a bodybuilder or fitness model without the supplements, drugs and competitive nature of the sport.
This blog covers everything from:

Reading it doesn’t guarantee you are the next Mr. Olympia or Ms. Fitness but it will hopefully help you to explore the world of bodybuilding and improve your health.  And if your goal is to compete, this will be a good jumping board into more detailed topics and specific resources.

My Book

I’ve also authored a book about bodybuilding – NoBull Bodybuilding. This is a book that pulls together into one place a lot of the teaching that I’ve done on muscle building and fat loss. It is designed for the beginner to intermediate fitness minded person who wants to take their body to the next level and even compete if they choose.

Also check out my Shredded Abs – a practical challenge for people wanting to take their abs to the next level and find the elusive six pack abs.

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