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  1. What do I do if I’ve eaten carbs when not supposed to on my back to back rest days (weekends) when carb back-loading?

  2. Can I sprint for 10-15 minutes right after lifting heavy weight coz I want to do some condition..so I have heard that if u do so then your primary fuel burnt is fat. ..so can I do it .? Will it affect my muscle gains ??? Plz reply sir

  3. Hey.. I have nice fit chest but my nipple is quite low.. What part of my chest should i train in order to lift it up a bit? Upper chest? Lower chest? Mid? I’d appreciate of you can help me cause im troubled and dont know what to do..

    1. If I had to toss out an exercise.. DIPS! Great chest exercise. I think a lot of people think it’s triceps and yes the triceps are involved without a doubt. But it’s a great chest exercise. Some argue the best? Guess you can always find that opinion. So if you aren’t doing them, start! And do it on chest day and not the typical routine that lists it as a tricep exercise.

  4. I have been taking 500mg tren tabs for only 4 days and went to the ER lastnight I thought I was having a heart attack, it was just palpatations. I am trying to flush my system and clean it out so the side effects go away but how long will this be in my system I took 1 pill for 4 days?

    1. That’s terrible. Hope it all worked out. I don’t know about drug interactions or how long it stays in your system. I’d guess by now it’s gone… but I don’t have experience or knowledge of Tren (except way back when they got busted for having some extra in their product). I can’t really answer your question. I do hope you’re alright.

  5. When bodybuilding and building muscular hypertrophy do you have to experience muscle soreness to be making gains?

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