Build Muscle With These 19 Nutrition and Training Tips

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Your “Strength Coach” is a BAD Bodybuilder!

You’ll see the truth about why the strength coaches today are encroaching on the world of bodybuilding. Don’t let some skinny guy who’s wearing a weight vest on a windy day, tell you how to be a bodybuilder with all the Bosu Ball hype and functional strength garbage. Or some bloated steroid freak telling you that working out 6 times a day is all it takes.
I bet you thought working on on the Bosu call with 25 lbs dumbbells is how you get HUGE quads … think again!
You’ll discover the hidden secret to building muscle and burning fat. It’s nothing too complicated. Arthur Jones said, “Just understand some simple rules concerning intensity, progression, and frequency — then, combine that with a few good exercises. That’s all you need!” He was RIGHT!
You’ve Been Misled About Functional Fitness
You’ll also see the truth about why many so called “fitness experts” are giving you bogus information. They tell you split routines don’t work, you should do full body routines and focus on functional fitness with compound exercises. If you even think about an isolation exercise they gag… let me tell you. I don’t want to look like these guys. Sure they are in shape but a strength coach isn’t a good bodybuilder. Just like I wouldn’t take weight loss advice from the guy who holds the current world record bench press.
How to Build Muscle And Burn Fat Through Proper Nutrition and Weight Training. That’s the topic of the 19 Tips to Build Muscle 45 page 100% free eBook. Inside you’ll learn:
* How many calories do you need a day to reach your goals
* How to measure your body fat privately and accurately
* How much protein you need a day to build muscle
* A basic workout program that hits every major muscle group. Beginning and Advanced routines
* The real skinny on if you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time
* How to gain weight
* How to stay motivated to workout for life
* The real effects of alcohol on your body
* How to lose that stubborn belly fat
* How to get rid of flabby arms
* How much water you should drink to stay hydrated
* Mental strategies to deal with mistakes and move on
* And so much more

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“Very good ebook. Very informative. I’ve been bodybuilding for 2 years now and it’s good to re-read some of the basic rules & essentials. Following your simple advice has taken me from a scrawny 148 lbs to a “are you on steriods” 185 lbs. Still not satisfied with my mid-section so I’m currently working on lowering the body fat %. Keep up the good work Marc, I love reading your emails, etc.”

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“Very good information. I am 39, I quit 26 years of smoking 1 year ago, and I am 30lbs overweight for the first time in my life. Your guide is to the point and has kept me from drowning in an ocean of fitness information.

Thank you for the KISS. (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID)”

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