10 Bodybuilders You Should Be Following on Twitter

Maybe you use Twitter and maybe you don’t.  But because the second most frequently asked question by Twitter newcomers is, “who should I follow?” I’ve decided to put together a list of the bodybuilders and fitness experts I follow on Twitter…and why you should probably follow them, too!
A Very Short List of Influential Bodybuilding and Fitness People on Twitter:

@tomvenuto (Tom Venuto): Author. Passionate about bodybuilding, fitness, personal development, writing, reading, science, psychology and helping you get healthy and LEAN the natural way.
Why I follow him: If you haven’t read his blog, BurntheFatBlog, check it out. He offers excellent tips for bodybuilders and people aspiring to be in better shape.
@biolayne (Dr Layne Norton): Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Pro Powerlifter, nutritional sciences PhD, Muscular Development columnist, and certified geek!
Why I follow him: I love the #outwork philosophy.  Layne sets a high standard in the world of natural bodybuilding.  He sometimes blogs over at his site.
@charlespoliquin (Charles Poliquin): Recognized as one of the Worlds most successful strength coaches.
Why I follow him: A pioneer in the strength world but he’s designed some fundamental bodybuilding principles.  His articles section on his blog is seriously underrated.
@mboyle01 (Mike Boyle): Mike Boyle, is a natural bodybuilder from Pittsburgh, Pa. When not on his quest to become the next IFPA Pro Bodybuilder, he uses his time to come up with creative and unique bodybuilding style meals.
Why I follow him: Mike is the man behind many of the NoBull Receips.  I can’t remember how I found him in the Twitterverse but I’m very glad I did.  He’s made meal-time enjoyable and his workouts are inspirational.
@cougar_fitness (Stef O’Donnell): A fun blog for you forty-something fit women where you can get motivated, show off your stuff, network & exchange info on nutrition, training, and beauty.
Why I follow her: She’s a body transformation expert herself and offers up some great motivational tips and tricks to keep on track with your goals.  She blogs on her Cougar Blog.
@skiplacour (Skip LaCour): La Cour is a six-time national drug-free champion bodybuilder. He has won 15 bodybuilding competitions in his career. At the peak of his competitive bodybuilding reign, he was the most recognized drug-free bodybuilder on the planet.
Why I follow him: Who doesn’t like the Skipper!  He was instrumental in my own quest to pack on muscle with his Max-OT style of training.  He offers up plenty of motivation and goal setting advice.  You can find him on his SkipLacour website.
@christian_finn (Christian Finn): Shows you proven, fast and simple ways to burn fat and build muscle.
Why I follow him: He drops tips and tricks from how much muscle can you really build to what that booze is doing to your muscle gaining efforts.  He’s a real expert in the fitness niche.  Christian has his own blog.
@drchrismohr (Dr Chris Mohr): Nutrition expert who helps people lose weight permanently.NO diets, NO gimmicks, just pure success strategies tested on 1000’s of people.
Why I follow him: He’s got insightful information on various health topics.  His tweets are informative and he’s a columnist for Tom Venuto’s Inner Circle.  Dr. Chris Mohr knows nutrition.
@willbrink (Will Brink): Writer, researcher, consultant.
Why I follow him: He’s the expert of the Brink Zone.  Will is a serious researcher who’s done countless articles on supplements, weight loss scams and helps you build muscle thru science.  He’s a rare breed and worth following.  A No B.S. kinda guy.
@johnsifferman (John Sifferman): Backwoods, health-first fitness coach helping rehabilitate “zoo humans” to help them get healthier and more fit for their lifestyle.
Why I follow him: Because bodybuilding should be about healthy living as well.  John might not be the classic bodybuilder but he provides some insightful commentary into just keeping active, stretching and all around well being.  He’s a good guy and very knowledgeable when it comes to injury prevention and rehab.  He’s got his own Physical Living blog.

And, if you’re still not following @marc_david on Twitter, what are you waiting for?
Marc David – CPT
PS – Did I leave somebody out?  If so, drop their name in the comments below.  I’ll go check them out and get them added to this list.  Be sure and tell me why YOU follow them so it’s just not some celebrity love but some real worthwhile information.

2 Replies to “10 Bodybuilders You Should Be Following on Twitter”

  1. You forgot: Josh Bryant The reason I follow him is because he is a no BS trainer with old school tried & true strength training applications that WORK. I am a 48 year old mom of 2 – in Sept of this year I think my deadlift was about 90 lbs – today I deadlift 180lbs and will hit 200 in about a month. Josh won’t have you doing squats off a bosu or trying anything that is trendy (and ridiculous) – he knows how to build a body, make it stronger, help you maintain focus & intensity and motivate you to challenge yourself (and lift heavy!) – geesh, I use to feel like such a weanie in the gym….but that was due to lack of knowledge. Josh has taught me excellent technique, how to keep from getting hurt, AND how to dig deep to see those much wanted gains become reality. No celebrity worship here sir, just a big appreciation for someone who is bold in the fitness world with keeping things simple and honest. 

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